Man & Dog: the Bond of a Lifetime

As man’s best friend, the dog is loyal, affectionate, and truly friendly; a companion for life. However, to us, it seemed there were quite a few hindrances in making our beloved dogs our constant companion particularly when on the-go. From the ones who leave paw prints and slobbers on the backseat, to the fidgety and excited canines, unwilling to sit steadily – there appeared to be no way out other than breaking the bond between man and dog when the matter was of transport. Realizing that, our family of dog-lovers rose to the occasion and said ‘No’ to the thought of maintaining distance from our loving buddies.

Thereupon, Meadowlark was born.

From what began as a family entrepreneurial venture, Meadowlark today strives to become the ultimate dog parent companion; headquartered in the United States, but together in spirit with all dog-lovers worldwide.

The Creation of Meadowlark

An enterprise founded with its roots deep in canine love, Meadowlark aims to assist pet parents in embracing their beloved dogs and travel with them – never having to leave their loyal companion behind. The name was conceived after a native bird in North Carolina – the Meadowlark – but the idea behind it runs far back to the Sioux tribes in the region; who considered the Meadowlarks as signs of loyalty and friendship, and thus never posed any harm to them. For us, our dogs are exactly what a Meadowlark meant to the Sioux; a loyal companion who never means any harm.

Products for You and Your Pet

To make our dogs a greater part of our lives, we at Meadowlark think it is time to introduce them to our cars and have them as our constant partners. To ensure just what, we provide premium quality car backseat covers and accessories for dogs. Created with the finest materials and made with great attention to details, the car seat dog covers allow you to ride safely and stylishly with your dog, anywhere, anytime. With our state-of-the-art dog covers, your car will remain spick and span while your dog will remain comfortably seated and protected as you cruise to your destination.

Meadowlark: A Brand of Excellence

Upholding the banner of quality and innovation, Meadowlark strives to bring pets closer to their parents, one dog car seat cover at a time. From small vehicles to larger SUVs, our products cater to a wide variety of automobiles, in line with our core values of no discrimination and assistance for all.

Our Mission

Based in the United States, we at Meadowlark aim to make pets and their parents happier by enabling their bond to grow and prosper, courtesy of our dog-friendly products.

Meadowlark: Bringing Man’s Two Best Friends – Car & Dog – Closer Together